React, Angular, Ember, BOOTSTRAP - I could go in to a tirade about dependency creep and redundant, inefficient wrapper libraries but others have done better.

Modern browsers are consistent enough (yes, event later versions of IE/Edge) that compatibility wrappers are no longer needed. Unless your boss wants support for everything back to IE6, then work on your resume or a good man-slaughter defense. Even “light” libraries like jQuery are redundant, element.querySelector() is there in all modern browsers. And over use of $(…) is a MASSIVELY inefficient way of manipulating the DOM. Syntactic sugar is not a substitute for understanding the language and thinking through the problem in terms of the environment you are working in. Most importantly, understand how Prototype Object Oriented programming works.

In all honesty I am still using jQuery most of the time to remain consistent with what is already in the project and the same would be true of a project already committed to one of the “frameworks”.

Sadly, this, will probably never stop being relivent.

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